Commercial Fuels

As your trusted fuel supplier, Prince Energy provides a flexible, high-quality service that ensures your commercial fuel needs are met through-and-through.

Providing commercial fuel solutions since 1963

Prince Energy has been the trusted partner for businesses and industry across the UK since 1963, providing a wide range of cost-effective commercial fuel services and commercial fuel oil throughout the nation. Our focus has always been on ensuring that life is made easier for you, taking away the stress and hassle of keeping on top of your energy needs, and allowing you to focus on what’s most important – the business itself.

Road Fuel

Most commonly referred to as DERV, white diesel or road diesel, our road fuel had been carefully sourced from the UK’s major oil refineries to ensure that it conforms to the BS EN590 standard for diesel. Designed specifically for use in all diesel-powered engines, be sure to keep your fleet on the go around the clock with Prince Energy’s Diesel delivery service.

Industrial Burner Fuel

A complete industrial fuel specifically designed for use in high energy consuming industries and carefully blended for use in direct-fired applications such as kilns and furnaces. Offering more than a 10% reduction in carbon footprint when compared to other alternative fuels, industrial burner fuel is the preferred choice for many.

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Prince Energy’s Industrial Heating oil is a 100% drop-in replacement for gas oil / red diesel, specifically blended for use in commercial boilers, heaters, heating systems, driers and furnaces. With no equipment modifications necessary, Industrial heating oil is the most cost-effective commercial heating oil choice.

HVO – Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil

Power your fleet with a truly fossil-free, sulphur-free and fame-free 100% renewable drop-in white diesel and red diesel replacement. Leading the way to a greener, low carbon future for generations to come.

Diesel Fuel Cards

Constantly running low whilst on the road? Or simply your preferred way of powering your fleet? Explore our range of cost-effective commercial diesel fuel cards and find the best commercial fuel card for you.

Commercial Kerosene

Also known as Kero or 28 second oil, kerosene is a versatile fuel and is the preferred fuel type in a number of industries, as well as having various applications across agriculture, commercial and domestic home use. Kerosene can be used for heating purposes, lighting oil, cleaning agents or even as an ingredient in some commercial products such as paints.

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    Over the sixteen years we have dealt with your company, I have encountered nothing but helpful, friendly and 100% efficient staff. Well done. Many thanks and may you continue for many years.

    Ann & John Evans

  • Testimonials

    Fantastic service and the best price every time. Great company to do business with. Effortless.

    G. Sanders

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