Fuel Uplift and Polishing

We supply, transport and clean your fuel

Prince Energy is an experienced fuel provider that does more than simply deliver fuel. We endeavour to provide the whole package, from high-quality fuel, to prompt delivery and friendly customer service, along with those all-important extras like transporting your fuel to different sites, removing it for you, or cleaning your fuel to prevent fuel contamination. 

We work with a customer-first approach, so that whatever you require, we can help. Our vast range of services means that we can support you every step of the way, tailoring it to your specific needs.

Fuel Uplift

Whether you no longer require your stored fuel, or need to transport it to a different location, we have the facilities to help you. 

With our fuel uplift service, we will arrange for some of our team to assess the stored fuel in order to gain an understanding of its condition and of the best method to retrieve and transport it.  

We can uplift a range of fuels, including kerosene, diesel, and gas oil, and if it is deemed reusable, you can receive payment as it is taken back into general circulation.  

If it is not up to standard, we will dispose of it properly for you, in line with environmental legislation.  

Fuel Polishing

To save you investing in new fuel, Prince Energy carries out fuel polishing, which involves cleaning your existing fuel to prevent contamination. 

This service is ideal for improving the lifespan of your fuel, meaning any bacteria and water that has collected in the tank is removed, significantly enhancing the health of your fuel. 

This will ensure your equipment runs smoothly, without the risk of poor-quality fuel. Bring your fuel back to life and establish it as good-as-new with our fuel polishing service.  

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  • Testimonials

    Over the sixteen years we have dealt with your company, I have encountered nothing but helpful, friendly and 100% efficient staff. Well done. Many thanks and may you continue for many years.

    Ann & John Evans

  • Testimonials

    Fantastic service and the best price every time. Great company to do business with. Effortless.

    G. Sanders

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